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361,00 €

SIBEL Eye-Vac Professional Suction Hair Bin

Skaistumkopšanas salonu dvieļu sildītājs 45 cm * 33cm * 30cm
5,50 €


Liquid soap. Washes effectively, makes skin elastic. The product has been dermatologically and microbiologically tested. Caution: Use with a dispenser is recommended. Use: Used without mixing. Apply a small amount of product to the hands. Massage until foam forms. Wash hands with running water. For professional use. Keep out of reach of children. For composition and expiry date, see packaging.
25,50 €


15,30 €

Disposable cape 50 pcs.

Disposable cape 50 pcs.
17,70 €

Disposable towels 70x40 50 pcs

Vienreizējie dvieļi 70x40 50 gab. X3
31,50 €

Disposable towels BIO-EKO 70x40 100 pcs

Disposable towels BIO-EKO 70x40 100 pcs
28,50 €

Black Powder Decolorante Pack 500ml

Description: Product formulated with non-volatile powder and researched to obtain “natural” and uniform decoloring. Its formula rich in selected ingredients is recommended for all techniques: highlights, streaks, bleaching, special effects and decoloring. Thanks to the light blue pigment contained, it prevents the color changing into yellow-orange tones and gives more light to bleaching. It is mixed with 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 - 40 volume oxidants, forming a uniform compound that is easy to apply Instruction: Mix in a non-metallic bowl, 50g bleaching powder with 100 ml of oxidizing emulsion. Brighten mixture acts rapidly and may reach lightening 4 to 6 levels, depending on the selected oxidant emulsion Black (20, 30 volumes of 40). It is recommended to periodically monitor bleaching process throughout the dwell time, depending on the desired result of the hair and the ambient temperature.
21,00 €

KALLOS Argan Shampoo 5000 ml.

Provides colour treated hair with long-lasting shine and vitality. Its provitamin B5 formula protects and nourishes hair from roots to the ends. Recommended for daily use.
23,90 €

STAPIZ Uniwersalny Shampoo 5000 ml.

Recommended for all hair types. It cleans the hair gently, exposes its shine. Perfect for a frequent use in hair styling salons.
27,90 €

STAPIZ Aloe Hair Balm 5000 ml.

Designed for damaged and dehydrated hair. Thanks to keratin and provitamin B5, it revitalizes the dehydrated hair, moisturizes it, gives a healthy, beautiful look. The aloe extract increases the natural resistance of hair for external destructive factors, creating additional protective film in the hair structure.