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23,30 €

CHI Rose Hip Oil Recovery Treatment 237ml

Mask with rose oil and keratin CHI Rose Hip Oil Recovery Treatment - Universal textured formula, which has a delicate therapeutic effect on the overall condition of the hair. The basis of preparation of the active organic components that have deep penetration function, which provides the most efficient power structures of the hair from the roots and to the tips. Under such influence on the curls appears impenetrable protective coating, which provides a number of positive properties, such as: - Intense hydration, which simultaneously provides both softness and elasticity of curls; - Restoration and strengthening of the hair structure; - Protective background from adverse environmental factors; - The elimination of the problem of unruly hair. The tool is recommended to apply for dry and damaged hair, but also good to identify themselves to provide preventive measures weakened hair.
32,86 €

KADUS Sleek Smoother Straightening Treatment 750ml

Prepares, protects and nourishes hair before, during and after the straightening process. APPLICATION: Apply on damaged hair before straightening. Do not rinse. After straightening, apply on damp hair for 5 minutes, then rinse. If used as mask, rinse after 10 minutes.
2,50 € 3,95 €


Instantly hydrates and nourishes the structure of dry and damaged hair, leaving it silky, shiny and easy to detangle. Its active Aloe Vera ingredient - rich in Vitamins and Minerals - enhances hair growth and provides hair silkiness, luminous shine and volume.
9,99 €


The Hair Botox product line is renewed. It is available again with the new name of Hair Pro-tox. Its special hair pro-tox formula – with Keratin, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid – perfectly integrates into the hair structure, uniquely strengthens weak, thin, dry and damaged hair. Its Panthenol, Coconut oil and Olive Oil contents deeply nourish and moisturize the hair, making it hair healthier, shinier and silkier.
2,50 € 3,94 €


Energising hair mask based on active ingredients protect and restore dull, weak and damaged hair. Thanks to the synergy between the Avocado oil, the Ginseng-, the Orange- and the Lemon extract enriched with Vitamin B3-, B5-, B6-, C-, E, this rich mask nourishes, hydrates, revitalizes hair and stimulates hair growth.
39,00 €

Kerastase Nutritive Masque Magistral 200 ml

Treat your hair to the Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral, a restorative hair mask that works to nourish and soften severely dried-out, thick hair. Utilising 4600 PPM Irisome Complex and Benjoin Resin technologies, the intensely nourishing formula gets to work on wanting hair; its balancing and protective properties help to smooth and soften every strand, improve manageability and detangling, and inspire mirror-like shine.
21,00 €


This luxurious treatment improves elasticity, soothes damaged strands, strengthens and adds shine.
8,00 €

Black Chocolate and keratin restructing mask. 500ml.

Formulated with cocoa extract and keratin, acts deeply, disentangles and disciplines hair, bringing intense softness without weighing hair down. The active princeples penetrate the hair fibre, restoring brightness and vitality. Visibly enhances combing and thanks to its light texture it is suitable for daily use.
23,90 €

CHI Argan Oil Mask 237ml

Mask gives hair a healthy appearance, smoothes hair and restores shine. Provides power to damaged hair. Rejuvenating mask deeply nourishes and fills hair with essential vitamins and antioxidants, which restore the moisture, restore luster, smooth hair, making your hair look beautiful. Application: After shampooing, apply the mask. Align the mask by entire length of the hair and hold for 5 minutes. Add a small amount of water to dilute the mask, then rinse. Size: 237 ml
21,90 €

CHI Tea Tree Oil Masque 237ml

Rich conditioning masque intensely moisturizes the hair while restoring hair’s vitality. Key Ingredients & Benefits: • Tea Tree Oil – Natural antioxidant unclogs pores and removes build up while replenishing moisture to soothe and condition the scalp. • Peppermint Oil – Provides a refreshing and awakening sensation while helping to normalize and balance scalp oils to relieve dry scalp. • Silk – Replenishes moisture while adding strength and shine. • Chamomile – Protects and maintains hair’s strength and resilience, building a natural layer of resistance to damaged.
15,80 €

CHI Thermal protective treatment. 355 ml.

Immediately moisturizes and reconstructs the inner structure of the hair. Improves strength and elasticity.
18,36 €

Londa Color Radiance Intensive Mask 200ml

Intensive mask for colored hair. Instantly conditions colored hair. Helps prevent colored hair from fading and shifting for long-lasting brilliant results. Contains passion fruit and orange peel lipids. Application: Massage on wet hair. Rinse off after 5 minutes.
18,20 €

KADUS Deep Moisture Intensive Mask 200ml

Deep moisture mask for dry hair. Makes hair easy to comb, soft, vitality and smooth. Contains mango and honey extracts. Application: Apply mask to wet hair. Leave in for 5 minuts, then rinse out.
17,44 €

KADUS Visible Repair Intensive Mask 200ml

Intensive repair mask for damaged hair. Restores and strengthens damaged hair. The hair becomes stronger, shinier and silkier. Contains Silk Proteins and almond oil. Application: Apply to shampooed, wet hair. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly. Repeat if desired.
32,86 €

KADUS Visible Repair Treatment Mask 750ml

Visibly repairs damaged hair Londa Professional Visible Repair Treatment Mask. Panthenol rich salon-exclusive formula instantly provides deep repair. Promotes strength and condition from within, for softer, shinier and more beautiful hair. Ideally following chemical treatments for renewed strength and vitality. Ingredients: Silk Proteins and Almond Oil Application: Distribute in damp hair. Leave 5-10 minutes and rinse well.
2,50 € 3,94 €

Kallos Algae Moisturizing Mask 275ml.

Algae mitrinoša matu maska ar aļģu ekstraktu un olīveļļu 275ml. Algae Moisturizing Mask. Aktīvs aļģu ekstrakts iekļūst matu struktūrā, dziļi mitrina, baro, atjauno bojātus, nedzīvus matus. Sastāvā esošā olīveļļa padara matus zīdainus un mirdzošus. Lietošana: ieklāt pēc mazgāšanas ar dvieli nosusinātos matos. Pēc 5 min. izskalot.
7,70 €

Kallos Argan Colour Hair Mask. 1000ml.

Intensely nourishes the fiber for long-lasting protection of colour treated hair. Its precious ingredients restores hair’s vitality, shine and silkiness.
2,50 € 3,94 €

KALLOS Argan Mask 275 ml.

Intensely nourishes the fiber for long-lasting protection of colour treated hair. Its precious ingredients restores hair’s vitality, shine and silkiness.
2,50 € 3,95 €

Kallos Banana Mask 275 ml

Banana Mask for hair with multivitamin complex. Containing the active components - A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C and vitamin E, olive oil, and banana extract, which instantly moisturize, energize and tone the hair. The mask creates a protective layer of hot air makes the hair more elastic. How to use: Apply after shampooing to towel dry hair. After 5 min. rinse.
2,50 € 3,75 €

Kallos Caviar Restorative Hair Mask 275 ml

Caviar rejuvenating mask hair with black caviar extract. Caviar are among the most valuable of all more active substances with a high reinforcement effect. Damaged and lifeless hair require intensive feeding in order to restore the natural elements that have been weakened with time. Caviar are a great restoration and strengthening effect. Application: Apply to the clean, towel-dried hair, leave on for 5 min., Then rinse.